Evening Dining Menu

Plates' evening dining menu

The menu is designed so you can compose, mix, share and find the perfect combination to for every taste, stomach and wallet.

Sharing plates for everyone at the table

DKK 375 / Person


Grilled bread with hummus, paprika & olive oil
DKK 65
Potato croquettes with chestnuts, Mont d´Or & airy smoked mayo
DKK 70
Carpaccio of beetroot with cherry vinegar, juniper berries & cream on roasted walnuts
DKK 70
Baked & fried Jerusalem artichokes seasoned with spruce salt & emulsion of baked garlic
DKK 70
Kale in tempura with dill mayo, sour cream & onion
DKK 70
Falafel of pumpkin with chili, nutmeg, ginger & mayo of pumpkin seed oil
DKK 70


Rilette of duck with crispy bread, pickled pumpkin & mustard seeds
DKK 85
Pork croquettes with red cabbage salad & emulsion on bacon fat
DKK 85
Chicken wings glazed in clementines with soy & mayo on toasted chili
DKK 85
Toast with ham, scrambled eggs & North Sea cheese
DKK 85
Rodent, plum sauce & pickled spruce & raw cocoa
DKK 85


2 pcs. oysters with red wine granite, pickled onions & almond oil
DKK 80
2 pcs. oysters with salted currants, smoked oil & crispy rye bread
DKK 80
Plaice in beer dough with oyster remoulade & pickled lemon
DKK 95
Scallop with browned butter, blood grape & endive
DKK 95
2 split lobsters grilled on spruce with lobster butter & herbs
DKK 125
15 gr. Baerii Caviar with crispy potato, vinegar powder & sour cream
DKK 195


Hasselbach butternut squash with mushroom vinaigrette, hazelnuts & pickled onions
DKK 195
Grilled pork chop with red wine sauce, currants & almonds
DKK 225
Cod with beetroot barbeque, bacon granules, horseradish & capers
DKK 245
Fried breast of duck, orange, brown sugar & teriyaki, port wine sauce
DKK 265
Braised Beef short ribs bearnaise on caramelized butter
DKK 285


Potato compote with duck fat, almonds, herbs & shallots
DKK 40
French fries seasoned with herbal salt
DKK 40
French fries with truffle, fresh herbs & “Vestehavs” cheese
DKK 50
Grilled and glazed red cabbage, pickled apples, balsamic vinegar & pink pepper
DKK 40
Mixed salads with vinaigrette of honey, tarragon & mustard
DKK 40
Celery glazed in own juice with caramelized butter & juniper
DKK 40
Freshly written autumn truffle per. portion
DKK 75


Baked Vacherin Mont d´Or, jam of sweet wine & crispy bread
DKK 75
Selection of cheeses with toast, roasted walnuts & fig chutney
DKK 75


Chocolate fondant with gingerbread spice & vinilla ice & cherry sauce
DKK 75
Mazarin with pickled apples, crispy meringue, prunes in armagnac & sorbet
DKK 75
Vanilla ice cream with warm caramel sauce on brown sugar, orange & sea salt
DKK 75
Selection of ice cream – cream, milk & sorbet
DKK 75

Prices and menu are subject to change due to seasonality and product availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vegetarian dishes available in restaurants?

Available upon request. Please let us know when making a reservation.

Is there a dress code for the restaurant?

Please refrain from wearing tank tops, flip-flops and slippers.

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