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The Wadden Sea museum

The Wadden Sea is the largest, flattest and wettest National Park in Denmark. Nature is a unique part of Denmark and was appointed the status of National Park in 2010. The Wadden Sea is not only exceptional in Denmark - it has the status of World Heritage.


Marbaek platantion

Try mountain biking in the beautiful area of Marbaek plantation. It's an adventure for the whole family, and it doesn't cost more than the energy.

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Marbaek platantion

Decompress off-site from the stresses of life and enjoy the calming relaxation of hot/cold baths and a full-body massage with organic oils from our talented massage-therapists.

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Marbaek platantion

Esbjerg Golf Club is one of the most modern high tech golf courses in northern Europe and the very finest 18-hole course in Jutland.

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I'm never bored in Esbjerg

A Place TO


Get a perspective on the marsh through architecture

Take the stairs up in the new landmark Marsk Tower to view the marsh and experience how the horizon is both erased and expanded at the same time.

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A Visit to the BIG designed Tirpitz museum is a must

Visit the Tirpitz Museum in Blåvand and get 14 surprising, dramatic, interesting, gripping and chilling stories from the history of the West Coast over 20,000 years.

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Skallingen - the stay over in Denmark for migratory birds

Skallingen is part of the Wadden Sea a UNESCO world herritage preserved area and home for more the 15 million migratory birds

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